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  • Cee Arr

    Cee Arr

    Writer, blogger, poetry-er @ dorareads.co.uk , Queer, bookish rebel, walking contradiction. Welsh as a tractor on the M4. She/Her

  • Rejoice Denhere

    Rejoice Denhere

    Author and business owner. Putting teams and individuals on the path to success. Top Writer on Medium. https://rejoice-denhere.medium.com/membership

  • Akarsh Nalawade

    Akarsh Nalawade

    Talkative. Easy-goer. Globetrotter. Quixotic. Polemic. Mind-changer. Tea Drinker. Nerd. I write (mostly) about the books I read.

  • Quy Ma

    Quy Ma

    Founder of About Me Stories. Optimization Entrepreneur. Tech Category Manager. Passionate about economically empowering people, growing brands, and businesses.

  • Rebeka Ratry

    Rebeka Ratry

    Converse over Mental Health, Social Cognition & Psychology

  • Yewande


    Lawyer. Writer. History Lover I write ✉️ @adelekeyewandee@gmail.com

  • Athena Milios

    Athena Milios

    Canadian PharmD student, researcher, and mental health advocate with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. (in Psychiatry). I write short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

  • Aditya G.

    Aditya G.

    2x Top Writer ‣ Founder @HakinCodes ‣ Entrepreneur ‣ Ardent Writer ‣ Psychology Nerd

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