The Relationship expert — part three

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Part three — Personal pronoun

Descartes once said ”cogito, ergo sum” or something similar which means, “I think, therefore I am”. In addition to the general error which states that it’s impossible to derive an ”ought” from an ”is”, I kind of suspect that ol’ Descartes probably wasn’t particularly married. He probably had a dame somewhere but he kept her on a leash. Which was kosher back then, but in todays modern world is and rightly so, frown upon. The leash, not the dame.

In this section, you’ll learn that ”the self” risks ceasing, depending on how you answer, the question “where is this relationship going?”.

Scenario 1:

”Honey, where is this relationship going? ”

”Uh… I think we’ll call it a day! Thank you for your time.”


”Can I have my keys back?”

Sensitive as we are, we leave the tangled relationship to solve their problems in private. No matter how curious we are, we must show proof of decency rarely seen in these times.

Consequence: you are still you and your self is hereby released and free. One of the consequences is that you now must satisfy yourself. On the other hand, a positive spin-off is that you can continue collecting and categorizing your movie collection.

Scenario 2:

”Honey, where is this relationship going?”

”Uh… dunno, what do you think… about me and you moving in together?”


”Here’s a copy of my keys”



”Thi hi…”

Sensitive as we are, we leave the fine couple to celebrate their move into the next level in private.

Consequence: you cease to be you. From now on, you are us or we. We will repaint the apartment, we will refurnish the kitchen, we will throw out y(our) old sofa, we will get potted plants for the balcony from IKEA, we do not think the bike should be on the balcony anymore, we also think that the cozy shirt should be given to the homeless, we think the living room wall no longer look good with all the guitars and posters on KISS… we we we…

On the other hand, we can go on a fantastic holidays, the food intake is expanded from only pizza and burgers to fish, vegetables, pie, pasta… yes the list goes on forever, we can take long nice Sunday walks…

From the state “we” follow, of course, that all yours is ours.

The only thing that’s still yours is your debts.

In the next episode we will take a look on a lifetime spent on IKEA…




A laidback singer/songwriter/author that love the creative process almost more than the outcome. Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Stefan Woldekidan

Stefan Woldekidan

A laidback singer/songwriter/author that love the creative process almost more than the outcome. Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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